She is Aulia Widya Azzahra

She is Aulia widya Azzahra
she makes me crazy
but It doesn't matter

She's cheerfull
I'll never let her cry
But I don't know hot to do it
she never realized what I mean

So I said in my breath
hope that all of our dreams will be true
being hers until our last time

hold her to our future
try to close our eyes
imagine that all of our dreams,
It'll be free of worry

Now, she hates me
she thinks that I'm trouble maker in her life
made her mad,
made her cry

I don't know ho to do next
I just stay here in the silence
It'll be better if I make a distance
keep away from her life
as long as she wants

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From My Heart

I know you've mad
sorry to made it
I didn't mean it
I lose my control
I didn't mean to hurt your feeling

from my heart, I'll show it
show that I love you
although only from this song
I wanna show it that I love you
Do love you.

Arra, hear me here
I miss you
so miss you.
you're only the one I'm living for
trust this love
stay here with me
I'll keep you safe

oh, from my heart trust this love

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